Chicago Cubs: 2016 to be the ‘last hurrah’ for David Ross


Ross to make a final go of it with Cubs in 2016

The Chicago Cubs veteran backstop David Ross seems to be as talked about as much as Starlin Castro at times. Fans seem to be split on the value of a player whose numbers are down, but provided more in leadership (and Jon Lester‘s safety blanket). During an interview on MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM, Ross gave a “close” guarantee this was his final season.

You can read what you want into “I think this is” as opposed to him having said clearly that it is his final year, but I don’t think there’s any indecisiveness here. Ross has had a long career for a guy that really only swung a solid bat a few years of his career. He is the epitome of what a “game manager” behind the plate is. Some Cubs fans may not miss him, but with his retirement following 2016, I can almost assure you it won’t be his last ties to Major League Baseball.

Citing family as his reason, it makes sense that he’ll take some time away from the game to do just that. But like many others, catchers seem to make good managers–or pitching coaches. If not the Cubs, some team is going to give Ross a chance at some level. The belief by many–fans and press–is that he will one day be a fine manager.

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For now, Ross is going to remain “Forever Young” for one more season on a Cubs team that by all indications seem poised to make a run at not just the NLCS, but possibly the World Series next season. If this is the last run for Ross, he may not have ended up in a better place or a better situation for it. To be part of a World Series Champion in Boston, and a few years later have the chance to be part of one for the Cubs? If that happens, the Cleveland Indians might have to ask him to forego retirement for a few more years.