Chicago Cubs: Epstein getting “creative” to acquire starting pitching

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Joe Maddon

‘s former team offer a good return for some Cubs prospects? Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Rays

Matt Moore had great success with Joe Maddon in their time together on the Rays. Could reuniting the two in Cubby blue help get Moore’s career back on track? The lefty underwent Tommy John surgery in 2014 and struggled after his return to the mound in 2015.

We know the Rays can ill-afford to pay millions of dollars to a pitcher who posts a negative WAR (Moore’s was -0.4 in 2015).

So the club may be hot to move Moore. For the Cubs, this would be another one of their buy-low reclamation projects that the Cubs’ front office has worked so well in the past (a la Jake Arrieta).

The Rays are in the market for help at shortstop and designated hitter, positions that could be filled from the Cubs ranks. It’s possible the Cubs and Rays could reach a mega-deal if the Rays want to get serious about unloading salaries, and pitchers like Drew Smyly or Erasmo Ramirez could become part of talks, too.

Would it be too much to suggest Castro, Vogelbach and pitcher C.J. Edwards head to Tampa in exchange for Moore and Smyly?

Who knows, if the Cubs get “creative” they could score big in nabbing some pitching help this hot stove season.