Chicago Cubs: Pitching questions; Kyle Schwarber’s gradeout


How big will the Cubs go this winter for a free-agent pitcher?

It’s a foregone conclusion for the Chicago Cubs that they will add pitching this winter. Who it is and how much remains to be seen. Another blockbuster with a guy like David Price? Maybe someone a little less expensive–possibly two of them? The Cubs have acknowledged the need for pitching, but while we know they would add more, is there any possibility they would trade some of it?

Jake Arrieta has earned a long-term extension, but is it possible the Cubs could look to move him while his value is through the roof and avoid having to pay him the big money? It would take quite an impressive package to do so, as the Cubs would have quite the rotation with Arrieta, Jon Lester, and someone like Price. But it gives us something to talk about on the slow news days.

Kyle Schwarber wasn’t supposed to be in Chicago this year. He was supposed to be learning his craft down in the minors this year. But he just kept hitting. So a little taste as a DH turned into a permanent stay with the Cubs after showcasing his impressive power. His landing spot in the field is unknown, but with a bat like his–Chicago is his starting spot next season.

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