Chicago Cubs: Breaking down needs heading into the winter

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Adding starting depth key for Chicago

Now, the popular – and probably most prevalent – belief amongst Chicago Cubs fans is that if the front office doesn’t go out and sign David Price, they will have failed this winter.

To the people who believe that, good luck ever becoming an  informed, intelligent baseball fan.

While Price, or even Zack Greinke, would take the Cubs rotation to an entirely new level, I personally believe that Epstein will target arms a tier below those two, in the likes of Jordan Zimmermann, Dillon Gee or Ian Kennedy – although I admit those three examples come with varying price tags and experience levels.

The biggest questions left in the Cubs’ five-man rotation come in the four and five spots. Now, don’t be surprised if they add a number three guy – which places Kyle Hendricks toward the bottom of the staff, which is where he’s best fit in all honesty. He’s a quality piece, but he’s not the guy you necessarily want firing after your aces in a best-of-five.

If Chicago can add a starting pitcher, or even two, one of the team’s most inconsistent (although ultimately solid) aspects will take a big step forward heading into 2016.

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