Chicago Cubs: Schwarber’s future; Ross returning in 2016


Ross returns for another year; Schwarber needs a home in the field

There’s a lot of talk centering around the catching duties for the Chicago Cubs these days. From when–and if

Kyle Schwarber

will find himself behind the plate–to

David Ross

returning for the final year of his contract, and possibly the final one of his career. Two’s company, three’s a crowd behind the plate, even though

Joe Maddon

made it work earlier this season when

Welington Castillo

was still in town.

With Ross being a light-hitting catcher and essentially Jon Lester‘s personal backstop, some wonder why the Cubs would even bring him back. The fact is retirement wasn’t likely, a Ross signed a two-year deal last December and is simply playing out his obligation. Where is the line of trading leadership and clubhouse presence for terrible numbers at the dish? Ross seems to fuel that debate often.

Schwarber’s position in the field might not be the only question. Could where he plays be a legitimate one? It seems to be gaining some steam as Sonny Gray‘s name of the Oakland A’s has come into play. Schwarber is a work in progress no matter what position he ends up at, but some believe after his less than stellar showing in the NLCS that he’s destined to be a DH.

While the Cubs have invited the entire coaching staff back for 2016, will they all actually return? Dave Martinez will be one that gets a lot of press with opening managerial positions, especially the Los Angeles Dodgers and president of baseball operations there in Andrew Friedman. It was Friedman’s departure that led Joe Maddon to the Cubs, but could it lead to the departure of Maddon’s right-hand man?

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