Chicago Cubs: Let’s end this ‘Murphy’s Law’ conspiracy before it spreads


Growing up and remaining a Chicago Cubs fan as an adult isn’t easy, but it’s fun. We’re always the underdog no matter how much this team has improved, but the reminder of not winning a World Series title in over 100 plus years is something us fans will never be able to avoid.

Until it happens. And hopefully, it occurs within the next several years so we can stop talking about that as well.

While dealing with the whole, ‘your team sucks’ business should be brushed off, one thing that needs to stop is all these conspiracy theories or curses that always find their way back to the spotlight thanks to the media.

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Yes, I’m talking to you ESPN and anyone else who covers professional baseball. We all know about the infamous Billy Goat curse that was placed on the Cubs a very long time ago and of course, you have the unspeakable incident during the 2003 National League Championship Series with the Florida Marlins in town.

Now, since it wasn’t bad enough that we have to put up with the rest of this nonsense, something else came along.

I understand that it’s at least a week old, but I finally had enough after having a conversation with several friends of mine who did nothing but talk about this ‘Murphy’s Law’ that has been floating around.

In case you’re wondering, what, in fact, this Murphy’s Law (Murphy’s Curse) is? Let’s do a quick rundown so we’re all on the same page before we move forward.

First, the goat that was denied entry into the World Series was named Murphy. The man who owned the Cubs the last time they won a World Series (1908) was a man named Charles Murphy.

Think we’re done with the Murphy’s yet? Nope. We’re just getting started.

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During the 1969 season, the Chicago Cubs finished second in the N.L. East behind the New York Mets – who ended up winning the series that year.

Before that campaign wrapped, the Cubs had themselves a nine-game lead in the division but watched it vanish before their eyes just a day after a black cat stopped near Chicago’s dugout with Ron Santo standing on the on-deck circle.

So, where does the name Murphy come into play? The general manager of the Mets that year was Johnny Murphy and the club even had an announcer named Bob Murphy. Crazy.

Which leads us to 1984 when the Cubs made it to the National League Championship Series against the San Diego Padres with a 2-0 series advantage in their back pocket.

They ended up losing the final three games of the series on the road in Jack Murphy Stadium. Which brings us to Daniel Murphy in 2015.

The guy was swinging a hot bat and scorched one of the best teams in all of baseball after they took down the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals.

Before Murphy jumped all over Chicago’s pitching staff, he was doing the same thing to Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It doesn’t happen all that often, but sometimes the postseason will bring out the best in a player and it just so happened to be New York’s 30-year-old second baseman.

Good for him, honestly.

What we need to do, as fans of the game, in general, is to stop coming up with all this ridiculous info on why a franchise was unable to win it all. Hats off to you Boston Red Sox fans. You guys understand what we’re dealing and I’m sure most of you would agree with what I’m saying.

The last name Murphy has nothing to do with the Cubs not being able to reach and or win the World Series. It doesn’t matter who the general manager’s, announcer, goat, or even a second baseman share the same name.

So please, let’s all work together and help cancel out all this unnecessary sideshows and realize that this organization is just a year or two away from finally going all the way.

They have a young, talented team that received an early taste of what the future holds. What happened, is that a well-rounded team stopped them in their tracks and sent them packing.

There’s a very good chance that they’ll have an opportunity to redeem themselves next year. All Theo Epstein needs to do is find a few reliable pitcher’s to help even out both the starting rotation and bullpen along the way.

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