Chicago Cubs: Radio broadcasts to move to 670 The Score


After signing a seven-year deal with CBS Radio prior to the season, the Chicago Cubs will move over to 670 AM The Score for the 2016 campaign.

First, it’s important to note one very critical detail: 670 and 780 are both members of the CBS Radio family, so the same contract will apply to this deal, regardless of the station shift.

670, or ‘The Score’ as it’s known in Chicago, has been the home to Chicago White Sox baseball for quite some time, but the South Side club is headed over to 890 AM WLS for next season, a Cumulus station. Just as it was this year, Pat Hughes will continue to call games in the broadcast booth for the Cubs.

Given that 670 AM is one of two dominant sports stations in the Chicagoland area (the other being ESPN 1000), it makes sense for both sides (CBS and the Cubs) that the club’s broadcasts are featured there moving forward.

This marks the second time in as many years the organization changed homes on the radio dial. Prior to this year’s 97-win campaign, the Chicago Cubs had been on 720 AM WGN for years upon years.

CBS Radio had one chance to make this move (as noted in the seven-year deal) and seized it, which hardly comes as a surprise given the team’s stellar television and radio ratings this year. While a new radio agreement was a nice step forward for the team’s business acumen, the television deal coming up in a few years will be the big money-maker.

According to a mid-August report, WBBM (780) was “drawing ratings 30-50 percent higher than at the start of the season for its game broadcasts during the first year of its radio deal with the Cubs.”

So get ready to change your pre-sets in your car again, everyone. But after this change, you should be set for quite some time.

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