Chicago Cubs entering NLCS as Word Series favorites


The Cubs enter their first NLCS since 2003–and are World Series favorites according to Vegas

It seems to be the case anytime the Chicago Cubs make it to the postseason. They become the “darlings” of the playoffs. This year was a little different because of their path. First the needed a Wild Card win on the road in Pittsburgh, and that was to earn a shot about baseball’s best in the Cardinals. Not everyone was on the bandwagon yet. Well, with the only two better teams record wise dispatched, the Cubs are looking like the favorite. 

This is, of course, Vegas. But they make their money on these odds and they aren’t something to turn your head at. At 5 to 2 odds, the Cubs are an enticing favorite. Although, you may have been one of the smart–but crazy–ones who put money down at the beginning of the season when they were a 4o to 1 longshot. If you use Back to the Future for your betting research, you were ahead of the game.

The Cubs enter the playoffs as the second highest payroll among remaining teams behind only the Blue Jays. But it’s not a roster full of talent that was”bought”. Jon Lester‘s megadeal is a big part of that. The Cubs are also flush with talent that made less than $1 million this season. Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Addison Russell. So now, those team-friendly deals that Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro signed are looking even better

The staff over at Rising Apple is well aware of the Cubs 7-0 record against the Mets this year, and they know it’s not just the obvious names they need to look out for. Dexter Fowler and Chris Coghlan haven’t put up eye-popping numbers, but have been key to the offense this season. RA takes a look at why the Mets need to be careful with these two.

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