Chicago Cubs: Five potential heroes in the NL Wild Card game

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Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Kris Bryant

Remember when some said his size and inconsistency would make him a defensive liability at third base? Me either. The potential Rookie of the Year and top selling jersey of 2015 ended up with 99 RBIs. I think Bryant will make his 100th of the season slightly more important than it would have been against the Brewers.

With all the press and attention Bryant received, it would have been easy to fold under all that pressure. But that’s simply not who he is. He and Anthony Rizzo in the middle of the lineup have become a duo to be reckoned with. Rizzo could have very well been on this list, but I think that Bryant–who has been unstoppable at Wrigley–is going to make it known that he doesn’t care where it’s at. That elusive RBI will come in Pittsburgh, and it’s going to be an important one.

His rookie season has been a success, but the desire to be part of something greater is there. Legends start becoming legends early in their career, we just don’t realize it at the time. This game could be that opportunity to make it very clear that one has been born in Kris Bryant.

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