Chicago Cubs: Five potential heroes in the NL Wild Card game

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Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Coghlan

After a slow start, Coghlan once again turned in a fine second half even though it became more of a platoon situation once Kyle Schwarber started playing more outfield. Coghlan would occasionally move to right field as well, but the versatility he showed made him more and more valuable. His defense–no matter where Maddon put him–was reliable and he could be counted on.

In PNC Park, Coghlan may be the most ideal to get the start over Schwarber in left field. There is plenty of ground to cover, and while Schwarber has performed adequately, he would be a step down on defense. And at the plate Coghlan has held his own. A career-high 16 home runs have made him more than an offense to defense platoon guy.

A rough stretch to finish the season that had many wondering if Coghlan would get a start in the Wild Card game over Schwarber. He collected four hits in his final two games and appears to be getting back on track. He’s been a critical piece to the success of the Cubs and deserves the opportunity to start in the game on Wednesday.

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