Chicago Cubs: Is there a legitimate MVP candidate on this team?

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These are just a few of the Cubs that have been a big part of the team’s push. I easily could have put Hector Rondon on this list, and even Addison Russell could make a case. Hell, I could make a case for David Ross. He might not be impressive at the plate, but the man can still sling it from behind the plate. 

Jorge Soler has seemingly solved his chasing the slider issue, Dexter Fowler is suddenly an on-base machine and the bullpen keeps doing their job–not without some excitement–but it’s a team effort from top to bottom.

The point is I could make a case for many of this year’s Cubs to how valuable they’ve been to the team this season. But in the end, if the Cubs don’t have a player finish in the to ten for MVP voting but make the postseason? No one is going to care. Not me. Not the players. Not you.

52 games to go. If things keep going the way they are I may have to update this list, or make it a weekly feature.

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