Chicago Cubs: Is there a legitimate MVP candidate on this team?

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Kyle Schwarber – .341/.429/.604, 1.033 OPS, 6 HR, 21 RBI, 27 SO

The strikeout total is there only to prove that Schwarber is indeed mortal. The other thing it shows is that strikeouts aren’t as detrimental as they may seem when your BAbip is .431. The young Schwarber works the count, and my guess is you likely didn’t realize he’s struck out one-third of the time. It’s because when he does hit it…Hulk Smash.

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When the Cubs drafted Schwarber last year, they identified him as the best hitter available in the draft. Where he played would be an issue for later. My guess is they didn’t realize later would be this year. But his bat has been too hot not to have in the lineup, which led to the “benching” of a three-time All-Star in Starlin Castro. Again, I still like the kid if he accepts his role. Castro off the bench, or Jonathan Herrera? I’ll take Castro all day.

So far his time in left field has been “uneventful”. He’s made the plays he’s needed to, nothing too difficult. Behind the plate; he’s making progress, but the Cubs are focusing on keeping his bat in the lineup while mixing up the order in whatever fashion makes it happen. Miguel Montero is back, and David Ross will return. But the kid is here to stay regardless.

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