Chicago Cubs Opinion: Four reasons Starlin Castro isn’t going anywhere

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His Current Trade Value

Mandatory Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve recently took a look at this, and it’s not he doesn’t have ANY value, it’s just not what it was just a year or two ago. The talks of trading him for a top-tier pitching talent are gone, as now many clubs aren’t sure if he’s just slumping or if his play will be this inconsistent throughout his career. Whichever the case, the return on the three-time All-Star isn’t going to bring a great return, at least as it is right now.

So why deal him? He’s been better more often than he’s been bad. He’s only 25. The potential is still there as he’s not an over the hill, past his prime guy. It’s likely he’s going to need a position change if he’s stays with the Cubs–and that may be just what he needs.

The fact that he’s under team control till 2019 with a team buyout for 2020 would be intriguing to many clubs. But it again comes down to current performance. But for the fans to get so low on Castro when a player like Addison Russell is hitting in the .220’s with no track record? That doesn’t make sense to me. Russell will be a good player, but Castro has already proven he can be.

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