Chicago Cubs News: A Cashner return? And what’s Castro’s trade value?


Trade rumors begin; What’s Castro’s trade value now?

With the trade deadline slowly approaching, the Chicago Cubs will be mentioned in most potential rumors. Some will have validity, others being mere speculation. Recent reports have surfaced about a possible reunion with ex-Cubs pitcher Andrew Cashner. While just a rumor, the asking price seems a bit high, much too high for a pitcher of his caliber. 

The Cubs’ Starlin Castro is still a talented player, even with this year’s struggles. But it’s more than evident that his value isn’t what it once was. If the Cubs decided to move him, would anyone be interested? And would the return even be worth it? Our Jacob Misener looked at the embattled shortstop’s potential value.

The Cubs’ second half will have something that we haven’t seen in a few years. A contender. The Cubs break from the All-Star game still very much alive in the playoff race, and for the first time in years will be considered a buyer at the deadline. The thrill of playing meaningful baseball will be new to the player and fans alike, and should make the newly renovated Wrigley Field electric down the stretch.

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