Chicago Cubs: This team can no longer be intimidated


This Cubs team has confidence to go with the talent

There was a time when you would look at the upcoming schedule for the Chicago Cubs and have a thought like “if we can go 3-7 on this homestand, I’ll be happy.” Generally, it revolved around the competition, possibly some of the pitching they would face. But this team, they don’t think like that. I still see a few fans around using that rationale. “Well, we aren’t going to beat Kershaw, not with Wada on the mound.”

Technically, they were right.

With cramping in his left arm, Tsuyoshi Wada left the game early, leaving the Cubs bullpen to do its thing. And they did. The Cubs ran out six pitchers total, as only Wada and closer Jason Motte allowed a run. So what if the defending NL MVP Clayton Kershaw is on the mound? The Cubs aren’t intimidated by a pitcher, hitter, or team any longer.

It’s not about picking up a “big” win, or an upset in that sense. The Cubs believe they have leveled the playing field, and that they can play with any team in the league. No more hoping for the best. No more looking ahead and wondering if we’ll miss a team’s ace. The Cubs will put their nine on the field with no trepidation at all.

Most of this lies within the fan base more so than the players. Fans are the ones that look at an upcoming road trip and project a .500 finish as an acceptable outcome. Players don’t think that way. And these Cubs players don’t believe they should ever lose.

There was a time while the Cubs we’re losing 100 games per season, that we wondered if the prospects would ever meet their projections. Now, many have exceeded those–even while some have failed, or at the least found themselves at a crossroad. The Cubs continue to press forward and surprise the baseball world.

Many felt this team would be improved, but at best could compete for a Wild Card spot. That part is true, but the Cubs in reality have surpassed expectations thus far. If not for a St. Louis Cardinals team that seems to defy the odds every year, we could be talking about the NL Central–not that we still won’t be before year’s end.

So bring us your Kershaw’s, your Bumgarner’s, your Harper’s and your Puig’s. Not Scherzer though. Leave him at home. But the Cubs have no fear of the name on the front or the back of the jersey any longer.

They believe the names on theirs carries more weight.

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