Chicago Cubs News: The evolution of the bleachers continues


Cubs get approval for new bleacher concessions

The Chicago Cubs continue to get closer to completion of the Wrigley Field bleachers, and now it seems they may become even more enjoyable. The Cubs received the go-ahead from the City of Chicago to install new permanent concessions as part of the renovation. With upgraded bleachers, how can you not have upgraded concessions? Apparently the team felt the same way.

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Appearing before the Permit Review Committee of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, the Cubs said they the plan was to install two new permanent concession areas facing Sheffield and Waveland, underneath the center field bleachers and scoreboard. There are also plans for four more “portable concessions”, but those won’t require permits.

The additions are in hopes of making the bleacher experience more enjoyable says Cubs vice President Michael Lufrano, and giving fans more options and decreasing waiting times for food and beverage. In the grandstand, vendors walk the aisles selling food and drink while those residing in the bleachers must fetch their own.

"“This will add more permanent concession stands on the level where the seating is,” Lufrano said. “It allows us to better reach those fans, and hopefully shorten lines and shorten wait times so they can get back to watching the ballgame.” h/t John Byrne – Chicago Tribune"

The new permanent concessions will also allow the bleachers to expand the variety of food available to fans. Currently, the menu is limited to items such as hot dogs, slices of pizza, nachos, and pretzels. This is mainly due to lack of area for food preparation. The new areas would eliminate that issue allowing a wider variety of food to be available.

The hope is that the new permanent concessions can be ready possibly as early as July. The portable concessions could be ready sooner. Two will face Sheffield underneath the script advertising sign on the outer part of the right field bleachers, while the other two will face Waveland in back of the large video board in left field.

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