Chicago Cubs: Mike Olt should not worry about his future


Mike Olt is focused on what he can control 

Last night’s game with the Chicago Cubs getting the win over Colorado wasn’t the main story after the game on social media.  What was catching headlines was Mike Olt’s injury scare and if this meant the call-up of rookie phenom Kris Bryant was closer now?  

The Twitter world starting a frenzy of tweets regarding if the injury could force the Cubs’ hands and make the move for Bryant’s debut.  But that talk is all premature because it sounds if Olt is fine.

Regarding Mike Olt and his wrist that was hit late in Saturday’s game – the X-Ray’s came out showing no breaks. Good news for the Cubs and Olt.  He did have the injured wrist wrapped in post game interviews.

Right now, the Cubs are going to take Olt’s injury day-by-day and a spot on the disabled list doesn’t seem likely at the time.  The swelling on his wrist has gone down since last night so that is another good sign.  Sunday Jonathan Herrera will take the hot corner.  Olt could pinch hit if the training staff feel like he can.

Now according to Mark Gonzalez of The Chicago Tribune, Olt believes he can play on Sunday if the team needs him.

"“I couldn’t feel anything, I think it was from the shock of getting hit. Once I was walking away, I was moving it around so I wasn’t as nervous.” Mike Olt"

Lost in the injury was that Olt nailed his first home run of the season.

Mike Olt has been a real professional considering all the talk about Bryant’s future at what could be his own expense – but he isn’t letting the news and the hype get to him. He’s going out every day and playing as hard as he can – trying to show the Cubs that he is worth keeping around after Bryant does get his call-up.

"“As I said before, (Bryant) deserves all the hype he can get. He’s one of the best in the minor leagues and he’s one of the best I’ve seen. The fact he’s getting (attention), it’s a good thing.”"

That was Olt’s response to another Bryant question last night that Mark Gonzalez reported.  That’s a healthy and smart response – you can tell that Olt is mature about this situation.

Olt has also had the hype around him when he was in Texas and was one of their top prospects – he knows the deal.  He has a spot on this team – defensively he’s earned it.  He has a powerful swing and that is always wanted on any team.  I think he is a part of this team in one form or another.

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