Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant and Addison Russell can’t save this offense


The kids can help, but can’t save this offense

It’s not to say that two of the Chicago Cubs top prospects wouldn’t help this anemic offense, but they can’t save it. It’s not a two player problem. It’s team-wide. So it’s not fair to believe that calling up one or both will result in the Cubs scoring six runs per game. Several other members of this team have work to do–and we’re only three games into this season for crying out loud.

There’s no doubt that Bryant will make his way to Chicago soon. Not necessarily after the magical 12 day period is up, but probably not long after. Russell is a different story. He wasn’t thought to be in this year’s plans, but his performance in the spring is making it hard to ignore him. Starlin Castro‘s play in the field is doing the same for him. Aside from Castro’s game-winning RBI against the Cardinals, it’s been more negative than positive.

But looking at this roster as we came into this season, there should have been no doubt that inconsistency lie ahead. Arismendy Alcantara, Jorge Soler and Mike Olt have yet to log a complete season. Castro and Anthony Rizzo both come off All-Star campaigns, but need to prove they can do it year-in, year-out.

The Cubs aren’t the only offense struggling in this 2015 season. But we’re aware the issues thy had last season with runners in scoring position, and that it’s continued this year. It’s more concerning they only scored a single run in Colorado than the performance at Wrigley in the opening pair.

There’s no need to point fingers and blame a single player, especially the third base combination for the Cubs or Castro at short. At least not yet. As the season progresses, you can be sure that there will be finger pointing, and players will be held accountable for their performance.

At that point, whether Bryant and Russel can save it or not will be irrelevant. They’ll get their chance. Once again, we know the future is bright for the Cubs. But who will be part of that shining future will be decided heavily throughout the course of this season.

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