Chicago Cubs: 2015 Cubbies Crib staff picks

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Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

With Opening Night upon us, we at Cubbies Crib have made our picks for the upcoming season. We’ve focused mostly on the Cubs and the NL Central, but included our World Series picks and National League Award winners. It’s the senior circuit, and the one that matters most.

As you might imagine, optimism is high, but not all believe that this is the year. It’s also a clean sweep for the Cubs at NL Rookie of the Year, we just differ on which Cub earns the honor.

Predictions are always fun because if you’re right, you can point back to them and say “hey, I picked it!”. Or if you’re wrong, it’s been long enough that most have forgotten what you said, and you never mention it again. So without further ado, the Cubbies Crib staff picks for the 2015 season.

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