Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant both disappointed and motivated


An angry and motivated Kris Bryant could be dangerous for pitchers

Most of us saw it coming even if we didn’t want to believe it was going to happen but face it – the Chicago Cubs sending down Kris Bryant wasn’t a shocker.  Chicago Cubs’ fans were disappointed, Cubs’ players were disappointed, a lot of baseball analysts were disappointed, but most of all Bryant was disappointed.

After all he did everything and more to prove he was ready to be on the Opening Day roster but Theo Epstein has his reasons – whether we agree with them or not.  I do see the point of how much-added pressure making your major league debut in the first game of the year and on national television.

If anyone can handle this pressure and spotlight – I think Bryant could.

I feel bad for Bryant the most.  The young man worked hard and did everything that was asked and impressed everyone with his poise and power.

While he does have some work to do with his glove – it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by time and repetition – which he will get in Iowa.

As bad as I feel for Bryant, I feel even worse for the opposing pitchers that he will soon face.  If you thought Bryant was dangerous before at the plate when he was trying to make the majors – just think how dangerous an angry and motivated Bryant will be.

“I’ll use this as motivation and fuel the fire. I’ve been told a lot in my life I couldn’t do it.” Kris Bryant – credit Jesse Rogers

Was this demotion a strategy orchestrated by Joe Maddon? Doubtful, but it is hard to count out anything when talking about Maddon.  While I’m sure he had some input into the decision if Bryant would start the year in Chicago or not – ultimately Epstein was going to make the call.

Maybe Epstein in his grand scheme of not promoting rookies on Opening Day is for an added motivation to the players thinking they will work even harder and be even hungrier when the time comes and nerves will no longer be there but motivation and anger will take the place of nerves.

"“I’m excited to see what comes out of me with this motivation. I’ve never been in this situation before. Maybe my game will go to another level.” Kris Bryant – Jesse Rogers"

Whatever the reason may be – financially, his defense isn’t ready, or they want him to have more time as an outfielder – when Bryant comes up – I fully expect Bryant to put a charge into his first hit.

You should also expect Bryant will bring a new-found life into his team and the fans of the Chicago Cubs – one like we haven’t seen in a long time.  That is because Bryant is the type of player that doesn’t come around very often.

While all Chicago Cubs fans have to wait to see Bryant come up – Cubs fans aren’t the only ones trying to make the best out of the situation.  A story by Bleacher Report shows a billboard that Adidas had made and they placed it right outside of Wrigley Field.  The slogan they’re using on the board – “Worth the Wait”.

Yes, Adidas you are correct – he’ll be worth the wait but the wait won’t be that long.