Chicago Cubs: Addison Russell’s hype is real


No longer just hype – Addison Russel is for real

Unless you were one who really followed not just Major League Baseball but you also followed the prospects the sport had – you may not have known what the Chicago Cubs received when they traded for Addison Russell.  I knew the name and I knew that he was the big name in the Oakland A’s farm system, but I didn’t know how good he really was.  

As a big fan of Jeff Samardzija, I didn’t want to see the Cubs trade him away but I knew it was going to happen.  Still when the trade happened I wasn’t happy.  Then seeing what the Cubs received in return for “Shark” I still wasn’t happy.  I mean I was expecting some big pitching prospects.  After all the organization was preaching pitching – so why didn’t the Cubs get some real pitching?

What the Cubs did get was one of the if not the top prospect in all of baseball.  Now reading all I could about him so I could be better informed about who the Cubs just brought in for our best pitcher – I also wanted to feel better about the trade.

Reading words did help some with the loss but what helped more was seeing actual video of him play.  Russell moved around the diamond with great athleticism and was making plays that you’d only see some of the top professionals make – not prospects.

His bat was also impressive.  He had a nice swing, showed good power for his size – this kid was a really good player. But again this was video and reports were just words but also this was just the minor leagues.  Could this kid turn all of this hype and turn it into actual production?

The answer to that is – Yes.  After watching Russell play this spring, I can say without question that the Chicago Cubs front office made a great move.  Getting Russell was a stroke of brilliance.

I’m not just saying that because the A’s ended up trading their best prospect and didn’t win the World Series or retain Samardzija – I’m saying this because Russell is that kind of player you just don’t get every day.

This spring he has shown he could be and probably will be a future gold glove recipient – but he truly is a part of the core foundation of this new Cubs team.  This spring his stat line is a .324/.361/.500, with a homer, six runs batted in, and a pair of steals.

"“He’s in the Stage 3 of ‘I belong’ or ‘I could do this’ already. I love that about him. I’ve been very, very impressed. He is mature beyond his years, mentally and physically. Yeah, he’s not far off. Right now, it’s staying ready and then getting opportunity.” Joe Maddon ~ via"

His glove is ready for the majors; his bat seems to be ready as well. Just how long before he’ll be called up is just a matter of time.

Wherever he plays, if it’s shortstop, third base, or even second – you know he’ll be ready and the Cubs will have a future all-star in their everyday lineup.

Russell is for real and soon he’ll be a real part of what could be a championship team.

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