Anthony Rizzo, Cubs shave heads in support of kids with cancer


As we all know, professional athletes across the globe either have a special organization that helps give back to either families in need or kids who are currently battling cancer.

Chicago Cubs’ very own Anthony Rizzo has been through this war himself, after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in April of 2008. Cancer has affected each and every one of us in some way – whether you have or are currently going through treatment, or lost a loved one.

I personally lost my Grandfather’s Manuel Miniel, Charles R. Burton and Grandmother Gloria Gomez from two different forms of cancer.

We even lost one of the greatest to ever entertain us via SportsCenter, Stuart Scott, earlier this year.

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Now according to the Huffington Post, Rizzo and 25 other members of the Chicago Cubs, including skipper Joe Maddon – shaved their heads in support of children with cancer.

Players had their heads shaved prior to their 6-1 loss against the San Diego Padres early Sunday afternoon and wore t-shirts that read ‘Respect Bald’ while saying good-bye to their hair.

Rizzo has spoken about his journey plenty of times and discussed one of his mother’s proudest moments in his big league career when he was a member of the Boston Red Sox organization under Theo Epstein.

Anthony’s mother, Laurie, drove 14 hours to watch her youngest son play on mother’s day after being recently promoted, according to an interview from May, 2013 – something she never thought she’d be able to do after Anthony was diagnosed.

"“When I got back from this road trip, I gained like 15 pounds. I was swollen from my waist down and everything, and I thought it was just weird. I was hitting well, so I didn’t want to say anything. Two weeks after that, after all the tests are in and whatnot, it came to that.” – Rizzo via"

Understandably, Laurie Rizzo took the news hard just like any other parent would once they’ve received such heartbreaking news regarding their child’s health.

"“Like I always say to kids and families, I feel my parents went through [tough times] more than I did. I just had to go through the protocol. They had to go through worrying and the stress and making sure everything was OK. [My mother] was dealing with my grandmother at the time, too, which was not easy.”"

Chicago’s future MVP makes tons of trips to children’s hospitals within the city in which he represents, to talk to not only patients but parents as well.

Shortly after the event concluded, manager Joe Maddon tweeted out that Sunday’s fundraiser raised over $12,000.00. Great job fellas.

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