Chicago Cubs respond to critical comments from Scott Boras regarding Bryant


Scott Boras has climbed to the top of the agent food chain by being a strong advocate for his clients. Most recently, MLB’s most successful player representative is taking aim at the Chicago Cubs for how they have handled the status of their prized prospect, Kris Bryant.

Speaking with Fox Sports, Boras laid down the challenge to the Cubs front office, as Bryant has been in the middle of a unique situation regarding his call-up.

"“Cubs ownership has a choice. Are they going to present to their market that they are trying to win? Tom Ricketts said they were all about winning. When someone says it’s the system, no, it’s a choice, the choice of winning”."

The Cubs would prefer to see Bryant work on the defensive side of his game before they make the decision to promote him. Despite the need for more development, Boras believes there is an alternative motive involved.

It’s been noted that by holding the University of San Diego standout back, the Cubs can gain one extra year of control before Bryant is eligible for free agency.

It didn’t take long for Theo Epstein to make his feelings known on the subject.

According to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, when asked to comment on the topic, the Cubs team president made it clear that Bryant’s debut will be up to himself, along with other members of the front-office.

Kris Bryant’s development has absolutely nothing to do with ownership, period. As with all our baseball decisions, I will determine where Kris begins the 2015 season after consulting with members of our baseball operations staff. Comments from agents, media members and anybody outside our organization will be ignored.

Major League Baseball’s top prospect has been turning heads since he was drafted by the Cubs. With each at-bat, the anticipation has created a “Casey at the Bat” like fever pitch among fans and experts.

If there is a weakness that Bryant possesses, defense would be his kryptonite. It’s vital that the Cubs continue on their course and on their terms.

This isn’t the first time Scott Boras has taken up an issue with the Cubs. In recent years Boras has questioned why the Cubs couldn’t rebuild while putting a competitive team on the field. In his mind, a large market franchise can’t afford to do a full rebuild.

Despite his strong feelings, it’s beginning to look like the plan is working.

Yes, Scott Boras is a great player advocate, but dig a little deeper and the real motivation might be clear. At its foundation, the faster his clients get paid, the faster he gets paid.