Cubs Rumors: Could the Mets be calling soon about a trade?


The trade market just got a little more interesting with the news of New York Mets’ pitcher Zack Wheeler‘s injury.  The news broke this morning that he has a ligament tear in his elbow.  While it hasn’t been confirmed, it is possible that he will need to have season ending Tommy John surgery to repair it.   

With that news, could the Mets be in the market to add another pitcher?

They do have Dillion Gee has an option, but I’m sure they will look to see what other teams have available in trade.  This could mean a possible call to the Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs have some extra veteran pitchers available, and rumors have been reported about Travis Wood and Edwin Jackson specifically.  Could one of the two be an attractive option for the Mets?

Wood and Jackson both are coming off their best outings this spring and are still in the running as the teams fifth starter.  A decision has not been made on which one will get the job – it hasn’t been said who is the favorite.  The Mets could make this decision for them if they came calling for one of them.

Wood is likely the one they would want first – he has a better track record and a much better contract.  Signed this year for $5.69 million – he still has one year left of arbitration before he can go as a free agent.

Jackson on the other hand has a large contract that the Cubs are on the hook for $26 million over the next two seasons.

I’m sure the Cubs would be willing to eat most of that contract if the price was right, and the Mets do have a lot of talented young pitching in their farm system.  The Cubs are a bit thin in pitching prospects, and would be open to building through trading veterans for such talent.

The Mets aren’t the only team that will be looking – they are just the current one.  Atlanta, Boston, and Toronto are the popular teams in trade rumors for pitchers.  The Mets may have moved up to the top of that list with the news of Wheeler, and also Josh Edgin will undergo season-ending surgery as well.

While it hasn’t been said – it would seem that Wood right now is ahead of Jackson for the fifth spot- but not so much so that they’d walk away from a deal that could net potential prospects.

Even if Wood or Jackson aren’t on the radar yet of those teams looking – the way they are pitching right now, they will be soon enough.  If they don’t traded – at least the Cubs have two quality arms they can plug into the rotation if needed.

The trade market is open for business – who will be the one to make the first move?  It should be an interesting few weeks before the season starts.