Cubs’ Kris Bryant says team is more excited than the fans


Although the Chicago Cubs are currently win-less early on in Cactus League play, the mindset of winning a World Series within this organization is still alive and well. I mean, it’s only Spring Training, right?

As we all know, the bar for this team has been raised through the roof after landing skipper Joe Maddon, southpaw ace Jon Lester, and veteran catcher Miguel Montero while bringing back Jason Hammel during the off-season. First baseman Anthony Rizzo said at the beginning of the year that he believed the club would win the N.L. Central this season – one of the toughest divisions in all of baseball.

Don’t get me wrong, the confidence in this team is amazing. This team hasn’t won a World Series title in over 100 years and Cubs fans can feel that this team is getting closer to grabbing that brass ring with all the moves this team has made over the last several months on top of the talent brewing in the minors.

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Speaking of the talent within the minor league circuit – all eyes are and will continue to be on third base prospect Kris Bryant – who is also expected to pick up some playing time in the outfield.

Right now the third base job is up for grabs, but Bryant isn’t expected to open the 2015 campaign on the big league roster for at least another couple of months or so.

Now according to USA Today, Chicago’s top prospect believes that the team itself is more excited than the fans about winning it all, saying:

"“We’re all excited, we’re even more excited than the fans out there. We believe we will win. That’s why we’re embracing it and running with it” – Kris Bryant via USA Today."

Personally, I think it’s about even when it comes to the level of excitement – especially with the Cubs being a 14-1 bet for the upcoming season.

Imagining the team recording the third and final out to end the World Series one day brings both goose bumps and possibly tears to most fans who have been backing up this team since the day they were born. Heck, the trailer that was released for ‘MLB The Show’ a couple years ago with the entire city of Chicago going crazy after the Cubs ‘won it all’ gave loyal fans of these ‘Lovable Losers’ chills.

And that’s just a video game.

With the team expected to compete this season, there’s no doubt that they will undergo a ton of pressure as they are expected to compete with the best of the best in hopes of a post-season berth.

A place where they haven’t been since the 2008 season – a year in which they were swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"“We want the pressure. Usually when there’s pressure, there’s something good at the end of it. We’re not going to let the pressure affect the way we play. We want it.” – Bryant via USA Today."

Hearing things like this from younger guys such as Bryant makes us fans truly believe that good things are coming our way. Opening Night is only 25 days away and it can’t get here soon enough.

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