Chicago Cubs’ Joe Maddon says Edwin Jackson about to “arrive”. Really?


Alright, let me start by saying that I immediately loved the Chicago Cubs move to go get Joe Maddon. Rick Renteria was a good skipper, and with what he was given, did a fine job with the Cubs. But when you’re an organization that has been through what they have, you make the moves when you can.

Recently, Maddon had some interesting words on the veteran Edwin Jackson–who I gave up on long ago–and his place with the Cubs.

"“It’s rare that a guy that’s 30 years old can still have the label of potential attached to his abilities,” Maddon said. “You’d think that it’s arrived at that point – in fact, that all of it’s arrived. But it’s not all arrived with him yet.” h/t Gordon Wittenmyer, Chicago Sun-Times"

Did Maddon fall asleep in the hot desert sun? Maybe he needs more fluids. Is there another Edwin Jackson in the system he’s speaking of? Sadly the answer to all of those are no. He’s talking of the one and only “E-Jax”.

In 2004, Jackson was Baseball America’s No. 4-ranked prospect. He was an All-Star in 2009 with Detroit. He has a no-hitter, and is a World Series champion with the Cardinals in 2011 (Take this also as a warning–not all top prospects pan out in the long-run).

So is it possible he hasn’t “arrived”? I can’t believe that. While Maddon was with Jackson in Tampa Bay, where he had one of his better seasons going 14-11 that year (the year prior to being an All-Star with the Tigers). But will he be enough to help him turn the corner?

In two seasons with Chris Bosio, who has revived the careers of several veterans in their time in Chicago, he’s been the worst pitcher in baseball–and we have the statistics to back that claim as our Jacob Misener pointed out. 

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  • So in two seasons with Bosio, he’s actually gotten worse. So is it Jackson’s yet to arrive? a failure on Bosio’s part? Or my belief, that Jackson has peaked, and this is what we’re left with.

    I hope that Maddon turns out to be as every bit amazing as we believe he will be, and can get something positive from Jackson. The guy is nothing but positive in the locker room, and has taken responsibility for his poor performances. But he’s getting paid way too much to be a nice guy losing 15+ games a year.

    In Maddon we trust.

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