Cubs’ ticket holder selling ‘Ferris Bueller Experience’ on eBay


With the season just a month away, Chicago Cubs’ season ticket holders will be receiving their packages for the upcoming 2015 campaign very soon.

Now most fans who purchase these tickets are unable to go to a handful of games, which results in them either giving them away to family/friends or even selling them to others to put a little money back into their pockets. I myself usually contact those who picked up season tickets to see if they have games available that they’re unable to attend due to whatever reason – If a game appears to be sold out.

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After browsing ticket websites to see what would eventually become available, I stumbled across several that immediately caught my attention listed as the ‘Ferris Bueller Experience’.

The infamous film ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, starring Matthew Broderick, was released on June 11, 1986 and featured a Cubs game at Wrigley where Bueller and company were nearly spotted on TV by Principal Rooney.

Legendary voice Harry Caray could be heard calling the game with Lee Smith on the mound against the Atlanta Braves while Rooney (played by Jeffrey Jones) was cleaning off his face at a small pizza joint. Some fans of the team did a little bit of research not too long ago and found that Smith hadn’t pitched against the Braves at home in 1986 but did so in four games just a year prior.

The scene itself was only about a minute but the seats since then have become very popular.

As of right now, the seller has a total of 18 games listed with two tickets a piece with the price range between $85-$134. Games include the series against the Cincinnati Reds (3), New York Mets (4), St. Louis Cardinals (2), San Diego Padres (3), Pittsburgh Pirates (3), and the Milwaukee Brewers (3).

So if you just so happen to be a film buff looking to possibly attend a game at Wrigley Field, this specific section on eBay might be what you’re looking for.