Chicago Cubs: Who has something to prove this spring?

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You’d think being a three-time All-Star before the age of 25, your job and status would be pretty well set.  That isn’t the case for Starlin Castro.  With a group of young and highly regarded prospects scratching at the door of Wrigley Field waiting to bust through, Castro’s future as a Cub actually is in question.  While you’d think competition would only make the former all-star more motivated to prove he’s the present and future short-stop for his Cubs team, some have to wonder if he’s really that worried.

The consistent complaint on the highly talented short-stop is that his head isn’t always in the game.  From being caught looking around instead of getting into position, to forgetting how many outs there are in the inning. There have been times that made some wonder if Castro was dreaming about something else other than the game in front of him.  He has gotten better and he’s worked hard.  Last year there weren’t as many of those times of wonder with Castro, which makes you hope that he’s finally “getting it”.

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While improving on his mental readiness of the game – his defense has also gotten better. That part needs to continue to get better.  Addison Russell who the Cubs traded for is considered one of the best defensive shortstops in the minors.  Castro’s bat has always been good, but his patients needs to improve.  I think it will.  I think he’s going to be motivated.

It wasn’t that long ago that the hot prospect talk was about Castro himself.  He know’s what its like to be called “the next big thing” to the Chicago Cubs and it’s fans.  He also knows the pressure that comes with that title.  He’s not going to make things easy for Russell or Baez to move him from the spot that made him a three-time all-star.  He’s also not going to make it easy for the front office to move him. He needs to prove he’s that valuable to hold on to. Even if he plays great again and Russell or Baez play great as well, the Cubs will need to find another position to keep everyone as Chicago Cubs.

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