Chicago Cubs: Spring training position battles

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Competition – it brings out the best in everyone. And this Cubs team has several positions that will benefit from competition.  Second base is open for several players to take a hold of.  Left field is waiting for several players to step up and claim it. The pitching staff from spots 3 to 5 could go to several pitchers.  These battles aren’t because of a lack of options – it’s very much the opposite.  There are many players who can step up and claim their roles on this Chicago Cubs team.

Remember a few years ago, the Cubs had second base open.  A young player who was in the minors had his invitation to spring training and said from day one he would win that spot.  That player was Darwin Barney, who would later win a gold glove for his play at second base.  This needs to happen again with some of these young players.

While some of the players may not be your marquee names, not every position can be filled with all-stars.  Role players are essential for any successful team.  In this slide show, I’m going to point out a few players I’d like to see step up and the position battles they are in and who they have as competition in those roles.

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