Wrigley Field renovations begin; Bleacher demolition underway


Construction equipment has started taking noticeable chunks out of the Wrigley Field bleachers, as the privately funded $575 million project is now in full swing for the Chicago Cubs.

The renovation, now known as The 1060 Project, has been a long time coming. Owner Tom Ricketts eventually made the decision to move forward without the agreement of the surrounding rooftop owners. The club is in an ongoing legal battle, with no end in sight.

The first phase will see the outfield walls torn down. The ivy covered brick interior walls will be untouched. They will be expanded, allowing for more bleacher seating, and additional signage; including video boards. The bullpens will be moved from the field of play to underneath the bleachers.

There is somewhat of a divide on what the renovations will make of Wrigley. Some fear the charm and history of the storied ballpark will be lost. But as it was, Wrigley was nothing more than a historic monument. Like a statue at a civil war battlefield. It evokes memories, some good, some not. But the fact is things needed to change. The Ricketts families decision to move forward was not an easy one, and will likely have financial repercussions. But to bring a winner in, the renovations needed to take place.

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