Wrigley Field renovation work is now in full-swing


According to an email sent to fans, the Chicago Cubs’ renovation of 100-year-old Wrigley Field is now in full-swing, as utility work continues and the exterior outfield walls along Waveland and Sheffield avenues are moved.

"The Cubs have committed to playing in Wrigley Field during the four-year restoration and expansion plan. Therefore, work which affects the ballpark must be undertaken during baseball off-seasons. This means work throughout the winter months when construction outdoors can be hampered by weather … As the project progresses, work hours may be extended during specific timeframes, if needed."

Underground utility services and infrastructure, which still account for a great deal of the project’s focus currently, as water, gas and sewer lines are moved.

The work this offseason largely focuses on the bleachers at the Friendly Confines, as well as the infrastructure needed for the new team training areas and clubhouse, which will be ready prior to the 2016 season. The work on the bleachers includes the demolition of both the right and left-field seats and the re-construction of the two respective areas. This is being done to reinforce the structures for the installations of seven signs – including two video boards – prior to the 2015 season.

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According to a report obtained by Red Eye Chicago, the balance of modern and historic will be a major focus of the project, which has generated controversy amongst Cubs’ fans in recent years.

"Several features from the Wrigley Field of the 1930s are protected under Chicago’s landmark ordinance. Those include the exterior elevations and roofs, the marquee, the scoreboard and the exposed structural steel framing."

The report goes on to name many minute details that are rumored to be focal points as the team moves forward on the massive $375 million overhaul that the Ricketts family is personally bankrolling.