Cubs would be wise to shut down Anthony Rizzo for the season


On Tuesday, the Chicago Cubs got some “good” bad news. The back issue that had kept Anthony Rizzo sidelined recently was shown to be a strained muscle in his lower back. The MRI was decided upon after there hadn’t been much improvement over about a weeks time. While it’s not great news for Cubs’ fans, it’s not a chronic injury, and nothing that will linger. Rizzo just needs to get some R & R.

I recommend the rest of the season.

The Cubs haven’t said they will be shutting him down for the season, but I can’t think of a single reason they shouldn’t do exactly that. Even Anthony Rizzo himself is thinking the same thing.

I know Rizzo is a competitor and wants to be out there every day. Every player does, it’s that passion that got them there. But Rizzo has nothing left to prove this season. With the roster expansion, there are plenty of bodies to offset him being out. I hate the cliché “wait till next year”. But seriously, next year is going to be good. After having down year’s, Rizzo and Starlin Castro bounced back and proved the faith put in them was warranted. Slowly this season we’ve seen the youth the Cubs have been talking about make its way up to Wrigley. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’d love to see a great September push and overtake the Reds and see them finish in the cellar. But not at the sake of losing Rizzo for any longer period of time.

Rizzo has become a leader on this team. I think his words speak to that on this injury. He realizes what is taking place in Chicago. He can be healthy FOR the offseason. It will open some at-bats up for the younger guys that were called up. And he’s still with the team to lead in the dugout, even if he can’t be on the field. I don’t believe the Cubs will make the wrong decision here. Nothing is at stake in this last month of the season. But there’s so much more next year. And it will also give Rizzo the chance to do what most of us are doing this month.  Sit back and watch the future of the Cubs become, well, just the Cubs.