Rooftop owners sue city over Wrigley Field renovations


According to the Chicago Tribune, a group of Wrigleyville rooftop owners have sued the city of Chicago over the approved Wrigley Field renovations.

"The rooftop owners are requesting an administrative review of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks’ decision last month to allow the Cubs to move forward on renovating the 100-year-old ballpark. The plaintiffs allege that the decision violates a 2004  contract the rooftop owners signed with the Cubs that guaranteed their views into the ballpark in exchange for 17 percent of the clubs’ annual revenues."

The organization’s initial proposal requested two outfield signs. However, the plan approved by the Landmarks Commission gave the team the go-ahead for seven outfield signs, quickly prompting outrage on behalf of the the rooftop owners.

ABC 7 Chicago offered more details on the proposal, as a whole:

"The Cubs’ plan to erect two Jumbo-trons, five outfield signs, and up to an additional eight rows of bleacher seats. The rooftop owners claim the additions will block the rooftops’ views into the stadium in violation of the 2004 settlement agreement between rooftop owners and the Cubs."

The earliest fans will likely notice major changes to Wrigley Field would be Opening Day 2015, according to the organization, when the Jumbo-tron in left field could be erected and ready to go.

The entire project is expected to cost more than $500 million and is being bankrolled by the organization.