Chicago Cubs Weekly Review: All-Star edition

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What to do with Mike Olt? – I still like Mike Olt. I think his upside is higher than most think. His defense has been solid, which was a question coming in with the strength of his arm. But the man does two things, and two only. Crushes home runs, or swings and misses. I’m not sure I’ve seen much else from him.

And it’s gotten harder to watch. Swinging at terrible pitches. His overall plate recognition is horrendous. But when he hits it, he hits it. He is our Mighty Casey at the bat. The younger ones may need to Google that. If Olt can somehow cut down on his strikeouts, and just up his ball in play percentage his value would be doubled. But a sub .150 at the plate isn’t going to help.

I believe he needs consistent at-bats to solve his issue, which now is just as much a confidence issue as a physical performance issue. But the season of Kris Bryant, now at Iowa, clouds that. Olt could see time at first, but the logistics of where he plays, to get at-bats, that right now is the question. I think the Cubs are unsure, which is why he still sits on the Cubs roster.

I’m pulling for Olt, but only for so long. That’s due to my newly installed “Barney” rule.

This has only covered some of the first-half in Chicago. There has been so much more, but I just wanted to hit some of the keys that I as a Cubs fan picked up on. Have some others? Make sure to comment. The Cubs, if they do nothing else, give us plenty to talk about.