Chicago Cubs’ Low-A affiliate Boise Hawks releases roster


While this roster is in no way set in stone with many 2014 draft picks coming, the short-season Low-A Boise Hawks announced their opening day roster Monday afternoon, with their first game set for June 13.

The roster features a few guys who have been slowed by injury and a few the Cubs’ brass have undoubtedly been waiting to see:

Pitchers RHP Francisco Carrillo RHP Trevor Clifton RHP Josh Conway RHP Greyfer Eregua RHP Scott Frazier RHP David Garner RHP Trevor Graham LHP Tyler Ihrig RHP Trey Lang RHP Erick Leal RHP Trey Masek RHP Ryan McNeil RHP Ben Wells

Catchers Mark Malave Justin Marra

Infielders 1B Danny Canela 2B Zak Blair 2B Tim Saunders SS Varonex Cuevas SS Guiseppe Papaccio 3B Jesse Hodges

Outfielders Jeffrey Baez Kevin Brown Rashad Crawford Oliver Zapata

The initial roster, as mentioned, doesn’t include the 2014 draft picks who have yet to sign, and will most likely add first-round pick Kyle Schwarber, Mark Zagunis and others as the year progresses, pending their official signings.

The Cubs will get to see right-handed pitcher Erick Leal in low-A ball action, and some of you may recognize that name from the very unpopular Tony Campana trade, which also netted the Cubs right-hander Jesus Castillo.

Leal isn’t the only pitcher on the roster with some intrigue attached to his name , as two 2012 draft picks – third-rounder Josh Conway and fourth rounder Ryan McNeil – will no doubt have a lot of eyes on them this summer, as will 2013 draft pick Trevor Clifton. Conway and McNeil can both be categorized as one of those “high-upside” arms that Theo and Jed typically target in the draft, and both have undergone shoulder surgery. Both also displayed their high potential before the issues, and will certainly be watched closely.

Clifton should also be kept in mind to this summer, as in the ’13 draft Theo and Jed payed over slot value for the right-hander, displaying their belief in his upside.

A few players will also be making their United States debut, including 24-year-old Francisco Carrillo, 21-year-old Varonex Cuevas, and 20-year-old Greyfer Eregua  after spending 2013 in the Venezuelan League.