Wrigley Field renovations not on agenda for Landmarks Thursday


Late last month, when the Cubs unveiled a new series of artist renderings of the Wrigley Field proposal, a major sticking point emerged between the organization and the City of Chicago’s Landmarks Commission in the form of moving the bullpens under the bleachers, thus creating a need to make the doors in the outfield walls larger.

Since that point in time, the Cubs have made it clear that they have pulled the expansion of those doors from the proposal submitted the commission, but according to a Chicago Tribune report by Paul Sullivan released early this afternoon, the project is not on the commission’s agenda for it’s meeting slated for Thursday night.

"“We’re continuing to talk to the Landmarks Commission in hopes to move forward with the process,” Cubs spokesman Julian Green told Sullivan. “At the end of the day we want to get this moving and we want to get the project done so we can move forward. If the landmarks commission finds, as we believe, the revised bleacher expansion meets with the landmarks criteria, then we’ll move forward.”"

It is, however, important to note that the proposal would still move the bullpens under the bleachers. However, expanding the doors, which would mandate removing bricks and some ivy, will not be part of what the commission considers – likely at its July meeting.

The city – and Mayor Rahm Emanuel – were angered over the changes to the proposal, namely the changes to the outfield doors. Green told reporters, including Sullivan, that the team is responsible for the lack of communication between the two sides regarding the changes to the proposal. He went on to say that the doors were the “sticking point” for the commission, according to Sullivan.

The Cubs announced recently they planned to begin construction on the new 30,000 square-foot clubhouse in July. It would nearly triple in size from the team’s current facilities, and would be located underneath a proposed plaza – also known as the Triangle Plaza – on the west side of Wrigley Field. It is expected to be complete by the time the 2015 season opens.

According to Sullivan, no supplies for construction have yet been ordered for the clubhouse project.