2014 MLB Draft: A look back at the Chicago Cubs’ first-round picks


The night is finally upon us.

A night that is vital for the rebuilding Chicago Cubs and a date Theo and Jed have undoubtedly worked many, many months in preparation for.

Tonight at 6:00 CT on MLB Network, Major League Baseball will go through rounds one and two. The first round obviously gathers much of the attention, as where that is of course where you find the most talented players in the draft and many future productive big leaguers.

However, as we all get wrapped up in the drama, excitement, and the mammoth future expectations, we should keep in mind that nothing is set in stone. A player’s development is obviously extremely unpredictable, which has led to many misses in first-round picks for the Cubs.

Here’s a list of first-rounders selected by the Cubs in every draft since 1965, and many of these names will certainly remind us all that there’s a long way to go to know whether or not this draft will be a success.

2013: 3B Kris Bryant

2012: OF Albert Almora

2011: SS Javier Baez

2010: RHP Hayden Simpson

2009: OF Brett Jackson

2008: RHP Andrew Cashner

2007: 3B Josh Vitters

2006: OF Tyler Colvin

2005: LHP Mark Pawelek

2003: OF Ryan Harvey

2002: RHP Bobby Brownlie

2001: RHP Mark Prior

2000: SS Luiz Montanez

1999: RHP Ben Christiansen

1998: OF Corey Patterson

1997: RHP Jon Garland

1996: RHP Todd Noel

1995: RHP Kerry Wood

1994: RHP Jayson Peterson

1993: OF Brooks Kieschnick

1992: RHP Derek Wallace

1991: OF Douglas Glanvlle

1990: LHP Lance Dickson

1989: OF Earl Cunningham

1988: 2B Ty Griffin

1987: RHP Mike Harvey

1986: OF Derrick May

1985: RHP Dave Masters

1984: OF Rafael Palmeiro

1983: RHP Jackie Davidson

1982: SS Shawon Dunston

1982: SS Tony Woods

1981: LHP Vance Lovelace

1980: RHP Don Schulze

1979: RHP Jon Perlman

1978: C Bill Hayes

1977: RHP Randy Martz

1976: RHP Herm Segelke

1975: OF Brian Rosinski

1974: OF Scot Thompson

1973: 1B Jerry Tabb

1972: LHP Brian Vernoy

1971: RHP Jeff Wehmeier

1970: OF Gene Hiser

1969: SS Roger Metzger

1968: OF Ralph Rickey

1967: SS Terry Hughes

1966: RHP Dean Burk

1965: RHP Rick James

So, while tonight will understandably be full of excitement, keep this pretty horrible list in your mind. Much of the value in the draft is in the middle or even late part of the draft. But, with a season of disappointments for Cubs fans, this is our night. Enjoy it everybody, it will no doubt be nail-biting time as Bud Selig takes the podium.

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