Tom Ricketts: ‘Time to move forward’ on Wrigley Field Renovation


Feb 19, 2014; Mesa, AZ, USA; Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts addresses the media during a workout at Cubs Park. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Wrigley Field renovation project has been delayed for over a year due to rooftop owners firing lawsuit-threatening press releases and the Chicago Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts has stated he did not want to start the project until the rooftop owners assured him they would not sue the Cubs.

Thursday morning, the Cubs released a video featuring Ricketts making clear and definitive statements about starting the project now.

There is also an article in the Chicago Tribune about the revised plan and what it may entail.

"…he plans to submit a revised proposal to City Hall that would feature more large electronic signs, additional seats, bigger clubhouses and a relocation of the quaint bullpens from foul territory to a spot under the bleachers by removing bricks and some of the iconic ivy and covering the space with a material that would allow relievers to see onto the field, according to a high-ranking Cubs source.If approved against what’s sure to be fierce opposition, the changes would put more pressure on the rooftop club owners to reach a deal with the Ricketts family, as team officials acknowledged that more signs could further block rooftop views into Wrigley. Talks between the two sides have proved fruitless after more than a year of negotiations that continued even after city officials signed off on the Cubs’ $500 million plan to remake the historic ballpark and surrounding area."

The Cubs renovations plans were approved almost a year ago and the organization had planned to start construction after the 2013 season, with the entire project spanning five offseasons. It is time for the rooftop owners and the Cubs to make a deal to move forward with this proposal to upgrade the Wrigley facilities to provide Cubs players with the greatest amenities to perform just like they have in Mesa at their spring training facilities.

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