Jeff Samardzija talks winless record, ‘trade chip’ status with the Cubs


Jeff Samardzija is no fool, he knows his time in Chicago is likely coming to an end this summer after a blazing start and a lackluster start for the team.

Samardzija has resigned to the fact and more signs popped up when he made some comments after the 4-2 loss Wednesday afternoon, with regards to his status around the league and his perceived “wasted starts.”

"“We’re not wasting anything,” Samardzija said. “With modern technology, every game pretty much gets seen. I don’t think it’s any secret what I’m doing.” Then, when asked by Bruce Levine  if he meant baseball people and those who matter in the game, Samardzija replied with one simple word: “Bingo.” h/t: The Daily Herald."

All of this means Samardzija knows the win stat does not matter in evaluating a pitcher, additionally on the negotiating table, he knows his dominant performance, including a MLB-leading 1.46 ERA makes him a hot trade chip at the deadline.

In an organization that is rebuilding from the bottom bottom, there has been much discussion that his dominance has been wasted on a last-place team. However, Samardzija knows his performance is clearing up many question marks from before the season, and he is aware that the teams around the MLB do not care that he is winless. Samardzija is letting his All-Star caliber season speak for itself.