Life After Tanaka: What`s Next For The Cubs?


Tommy Giglio-USA TODAY Sports

After the news came out today that made Cubs fans everywhere collectively cry in despair and Yankee fans rejoice in their new righty pitcher, unfortunately we have to focus on what is next for Chicago.

In a month or so long debacle including bogus reports and conserving cash, Tanaka finally decided and obviously he chose the Bronx. This is extremely disappointing to the overwhelming majority of Cubs Nation, as he has literally been the whole offseason for Chicago. Theo and Jed passed on targets ranging from Jacoby Ellsbury to Brian McCann, saving money for their one true offseason target: Masahiro Tanaka. For a player that made so much sense for the Cubs to end up with the Yankees is truly tear-worthy.

You might ask, what could they possibly do now to redeem the whole offseason of minor league deals and more “patience”? Honestly it does not look too good for Cubs fans. Tuesday night I talked to a source very involved in the industry and he said he would be shocked if the Cubs did anything noteworthy after Tanaka is gone. That is very discouraging, to say the least. Get ready for an upstick of Paul Maholm, Jason Hammel, and more decent, cheap starters to fill out the rotation rumors, instead of a 25-year-old fireballer from Japan or a 29-year-old righty who turned his career around last year with Cleveland.

Here`s another side effect to this whole situation: Jeff Samardzija. The Cubs’ current ace has publicly expressed his desire to play with Tanaka and his desire to speed along this tough rebuild, and now with Tanaka off the board, Samardzija signing a long-term deal to stay with this team seems less and less likely. The Cubs may very well have just lost two significant players in missing out on Tanaka. On the bright side, if there is one, the team could very well strike next offseason in pursuit of a top notch starter, as the James Shields/Jon Lester/Homer Bailey/Max Scherzer, etc. group will be available barring extensions.

Cubs fans, we would love to hear your input and thoughts on what the Cubs could realistically do next to salvage some art of the offseason. Arroyo? Jimenez? Garza? Let us hear it!