Cubs Con Coverage: Day 1 – Arrival In the Windy City


Oh Chicago, the pleasure is all mine.

While a grey, snowy day would be deemed a beggars greeting by most, only in Chicago can you step off your flight and feel the warm embrace of a city that truly knows how to show a tourist a good time. Seldom do you see a city than can boast as Chicago can, with friendly folk and plenty of eye candy within the city’s infrastructure.

Chicago is my home away from home. That’s how it feels, at least.

Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

And this is not entirely because of the Cubs’ influence on my opinion or my underexposure to large American cities. No, there is a special feeling in Chicago. The depth of culture and the vast selection of bars is enough to make even the most outcast-ed of miscreants feel at home.

I sit here alone at The Map Room in Bucktown, drinking purely because it feels right and it helps pass the time before I can make my way to where I’m staying, and the welcoming vibes are still strong. I can only hope such sentiments will carry through to the guests of the Cubs convention.

After all, this is why I’m here – The infamous Cubs Convention. Regarded as the holy grail of Cubs fandom which draws countless fans from all over North America. Maybe a few Europeans too? Probably not, but if they’re here, I’ll find them.

The convention kicks up tomorrow and you can bet I’ll be sitting in on all the most popular Q&A sessions with all staff and players. Do you have a question that you cant sleep at night without knowing the answer to? Just tweet it to me or leave it in the comments, and I’ll do my best to get satisfy that itch.

Don’t know what the Cubs Con schedule is or who is making an appearance? Don’t’ worry – I’ve got your back. Just click this link.

I’ll be sure to publish as much content as is humanly possible from the convention. Looking forward to meeting everyone there.