RUMORS: Masahiro Tanaka will meet with Chicago Cubs this week


Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Star Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka will meet with the Chicago Cubs and White Sox this week, according to CSN Chicago’s Luke Stuckmeyer.

Tanaka and his agent are likely making an initial visit to teams that are interested in his services. With the $20 million maximum posting bid essentially any team (including the White Sox) would be willing to conduct a meeting.

A meeting with this much interest will mean the Cubs will be forced to confirm it will or will not happen. Expect more conversation and speculation from it but nothing too final.

It is encouraging that Tanaka is willing to travel from Japan to Chicago to meet with Cubs’ leadership.Also, it is a good thing it is later this week and temperature will be above freezing.

The meeting confirms the Cubs interest and sets the Tanaka bidding and courting process in motion.

The deadline for Tanaka is January 24.

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