New Chicago Cubs manager Rick Renteria addresses the media


The Chicago Cubs new manager Rick Renteria met the Chicago media for the first time Thursday at Wrigley Field.

It felt like a long search but personally I’m relieved that it’s finally over. Renteria was a great pick up by this team because of his Spanish speaking ability considering the amount of players within the Cubs’ organization that have Latin roots.

Renteria, who turns 52 on Christmas Day, has developed young talent into perennial All-Stars. This should prove to be beneficial for a young team with a few veterans mixed in.

"“People ask me about Starlin. He was one of the first I spoke to and we spoke at length. I watched him from the other side and thought `what a tremendously gifted athlete.’ He’s willing to do whatever we ask him to do.” via the Chicago Sun Times."

With the Eric Hinske hiring on Wednesday the Cubs completed Renteria’s coaching staff for the 2014 campaign.

"“They’ll bring the idea that we want to teach. We have to present a consistent message. I want this to be a club that gives tremendous effort. We want to be a club that is aggressive on the bases and is smart.”"

The over 100 year World Series drought looms large over anyone who becomes a Cubs manager along with the pressure to end it.

"“I’m very excited about the guys we have now and the talent in the organization. You don’t go into a season anticipating failure. No player wants to go out and fail. The game is about peaks and valleys and about the players and I understand that. We have to help them in those times when things aren’t going well. We’re looking forward to an exciting season.”"