Chicago Plan Commission Approves Wrigley Field ‘Tweaks’


The Chicago Plan Commission approved an array of tweaks to the Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field renovation plan that includes a new “brand arch” over Clark Street between Patterson and Addison Streets, according to

Danny Ecker of

"Per a recent agreement between the team and City Hall, the Cubs would be granted an expansion of its property line 25 feet closer to the street than it is now.In return, the team would remove from its plan a pedestrian bridge over Clark Street and a patio deck over Patterson Street connected to a planned hotel, as well as shift the entrance of the hotel from Patterson to Clark Street.New to the plan now is a “brand arch” stretching over Clark Street between Patterson and Addison Streets — an idea that was floated in community meetings earlier this year.That will allow the team to sell ads for a gateway structure while appeasing community concerns about people walking dropping items into traffic that existed for the pedestrian bridge:“It’s a welcoming arch. It’s sort of going to be the demarkation of what we hope will be an exciting plaza and a great place for the community,” said Cubs Executive Vice President for Community Affairs Mike Lufrano."

The “welcoming arch” is more an “advertising arch” as it now contains more space for a brand to advertise. This is not a bad thing as the revenue from the space will be used to better the Cubs on the field. Also, it is only an arch and not a pedestrian bridge too, as previously-proposed.

Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) agreed with the tweaks but will continue to work on the parking options on Sheffield street.

"“These are really good improvements,” he said. “I’m as eager as every other Chicagoan to get this deal done and start moving the walls.”"

Ecker also writes that the Cubs have not applied to for a work permit to begin the renovation project.

"The team has said it may begin construction of its controversial right field advertising sign even if they face a stalemate with rooftop owners because of its newly-signed marketing deal with Anheuser Busch InBev."

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