Chicago Cubs prospect Matt Szczur is more than just a baseball player (video)


Feb 18, 2013; Mesa, AZ, USA; Chicago Cubs center fielder Matt Szczur (72) poses for a picture during photo day at Fitch Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We’re going to go ahead and step away from baseball for a couple of minutes and all get on board the ‘Feels Train’. Well it still has something to do with baseball since it has something to do with outfielding prospect Matt Szczur, but still.

If you’re unaware of how talented this man is, he actually played college football.

And he was good, like really good. Matt played nearly every position on his college football team.

During his four year playing career at the University of Villanova, he’s recorded 1,803 rushing yards and 1,485 receiving yards with a total of 28 touchdowns.

On top of his receiving stats, he also threw for 206 yards and five touchdowns passes.

Now to break away from the sports side of this story. This world is full of heroes, no matter if it’s a fire fighter, police officer, military veteran or currently serving in the military.

People who are willing to reach out and do things for others in need are truly a rare breed. Sure we have our moments when we help an elderly lady carry her groceries or something along those lines. But what Matt did in college for a baby girl across the globe, is just amazing.

Now class, I have something very special for each and every one of you. Today, I have a video that we will all watch on the subject. This video may be old, but it could be new to some.

I figured if there are a hand full of people out there who were unaware of this great thing, why not write about it and post it so they can witness the story themselves?

The video is courtesy of ESPN’s E:60. This episode aired in the beginning of September I believe. It’s titled ‘Risking It All’.

I hope you all enjoy it, feel free to leave your thoughts on his 11 minute special in the comment section below.