Tour Wrigley Field with Paul Sullivan


Love Paul Sullivan? Love the Cubs? Then this is for you.

An upcoming Trib Nation event,  ”Press Pass: Wrigley Field,” takes place on Sunday, September 15th at 12 p.m. Chicago Tribune baseball reporter Paul Sullivan will take attendees on an exclusive tour of Wrigley Field, where they will get to meet a former Cub player, enjoy ballpark food and take on-field photos.

That day’s Pirates v. Cubs game will also be broadcast during the event. Tickets are $45 for adults, $25 for children 12 and younger, and they can be purchased here:

As someone who has taken a tour of the Friendly Confines, I can say this is a must-see event. I mean, my tour wasn’t guided by Paul Sullivan, it was still a tremendous experience. Getting to see the broadcast booth where Ron Santo sat, languishing with his Cubs for so many years, setting foot in the Cubs’ clubhouse – it was a truly unforgettable experience.

If you’re interested, and want more feedback from someone who has been on a tour of Wrigley Field, feel free to drop a comment on Cubbies Crib,  or get in touch with us on Twitter by Tweeting at @Cubbies Crib or reach me personally at @JacobRMisener.