Sunday Night Dingers Twitter Q&A


This is the first in what hopefully will be a series of Twitter Q&A that I like to call “Sunday Night Dingers.” Around about 10ET/7PT I’ll start taking questions on my twitter account (@lastcartridge) from you, the readers and answer them to my opinions and the best of my ability. If in the future you would like to participate, please check out my account on Sunday nights and I’ll do my best to get to you.

Here are the Sunday Night Dingers I had tonight, Sunday August 4th, 2013.

Q: (@KennedyMLB): If you had your choice, who would you replace Dale Sveum with?
A: It’s a good question. I’ve got to say Sandberg, but that will never happen. Cubs burned that bridge a long time ago. I know that isn’t exactly the most rational or popular opinion, but it’s Sandberg, man.
Q: (@denny__andrew): What’s your take on the “make-up” component of a player?
A: Make up and composure are important but I think more often than not they are overrated. Then again I say that and get on Starlin Castro’s case, and that’s his major problem. It’s something you got to have, a mental maturity, to play top-rate baseball. I think it’s something the Cubs lack, but logically their skill could make up for it.

Q: (@CharlesKalinow1): Why is Fail still [Cubs] manager?
A: I like calling him Robot Sveum. ONE HUNDRED PITCHES ROBOSVEUM SMASHHHHH. As much as I don’t like Dale Sveum I don’t think firing him mid-season is going to fix anything. He’s not a component of a playoff team though, that much I can say.

Q: (@tenncubfan): Most likely to see Wrigley at third base (and stay) Mike Olt, Kris Bryant, Josh Vitters, or Javier Baez?
A: First off, considering Vitters recent injury, if he can get and stay reasonably healthy he’s going to be traded. I also get the impression (and this is just my opinion) that Olt isn’t anything more than a chip to trade off in the future. That leaves Bryant or Baez, which is a hard question. I see them trading Castro somewhere down the line, so we could conceivable see both of them on the left side of the diamond.

Q: (@CharlesKalinow1): Any chance we see the end of celebrity 7th inning singers in our lifetime?
A: I’ve always said that they should just play audio of Harry, and nobody should sing, and then it’s just his voice echoing through Wrigley. Haha wouldn’t that be awful? But to answer your question: no way. I’m sure there’s money in it somewhere.

Q: (@WrigleyWrapUp): besides Kris Bryant which cub draftee this year will make the biggest impact in the MLB?
A: Rob Zastryzny is posting a 3.14 ERA in 8 games at Boise. Potential trade bait down the line.

Q: (@tenncubfan): Is what we are seeing from Arismendy Alcantara real? Can he take his game to Iowa and Chicago?
A: He’s young and clearly has some work to do, but he is batting a .270 with 13 HR in Tennessee. The infield is crowed with prospects, he’s either a replacement for Starlin Castro in a trade way down the line, or is trade bait himself. I would lean towards the former…on a long timeline.

Q: (@ar_aces23): On prospect level, who inside top 5 makes MLB impact/debut with another team?
A: Probably Mike Olt simply because he’s good, well known, has value and we already have plenty of all-star potential infielders.

Q: (@boredwokempire): If the current Cubs roster held their own Hunger Games, who’d be the winner? Only baseball and groundskeeping equipment, all of Wrigleyville is in play.
A: Junior Lake with the bat over Darwin Barney on the bar at the Cubby Bear. Because Junior Lake can do what he wants.

Q:(@iamjosegil): Who’s your favorite Cub?
A: Welington Castillo, because Reed Johnson’s his spirit animal.