Shun The Heretic! – The Chronicles Of Converting A Non-Baseball Fan


I have to level with you, Cubbies Crib faithful. I wasn’t always a baseball fan and actually started out as a devout hockey fan growing up in Canada.

Naturally the stereotype of being Canadian and loving hockey applies and you have every right to be upset that I wasn’t born a Cubs fan. If it’s any solace, I grew up playing baseball and have loved playing since I was 6 years old, but only within the last 3 years did I begin to embrace the MLB and televised baseball.

Jun 7, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Northwestern Wildcats head football coach Pat Fitzgerald sings “take me out to the ball game” during the seventh inning stretch during a game between the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Those were darker times and am now a full-blown addict of the game taking the opportunity to watch any and every baseball game that comes my way. This is probably why I don’t have a wife or any children but I’m not exactly hung up on that.

Baseball has a certain allure to it because it’s one of the only sports that does not have a time clock or any set parameters on duration. To earn a win, you must outscore your opponents and earn all 27 outs. It’s a simple premise that is often overlooked when addressing sport in general.

I could publish an entire piece on why I love the game so much, but that would be preaching to the converted, redundant and boring.

In light of this, I’ve taken the initiative to convince an old friend of mine who is currently not a baseball fan to love the game that we here at Cubbies Crib devote so much of our free time to.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Chico Dusty.

Chico and I have a  long and celebrated past. Some of my best memories of my youth come from skateboarding in his driveway or just kicking back and watching the world go by. Without boring you on the details of our friendship, Chico and I currently live in different cities and what little contact we have is online, which in 2013, seems reasonable to me.

You’re probably wondering: “Who the hell names their kid Chico with the unfortunate last name of Dusty?”

Chico’s real name is not Chico at all and I won’t be publishing his name for a multitude of reasons – but there’s something you must know about him:

Chico is a very prominent blogger online and happens to be the voice of the blog.

Yes, Chico gets paid to write about hot girls all day long and I would encourage you to check out his blogs if you’re over 18. (I’m not allowed to link you to the blog because of my contract, but you should check him out anyway)

What’s most important is that we convince Chico that baseball is fantastic and to embrace the game. In order to accomplish this, I seek your help.

As the reader, I want you to post some questions to ask Chico when I interview him in an effort to change his mind about the game of baseball. This will be more difficult than you think as he is Canadian and a hockey fan so bring out your biggest guns.

I will be blogging the entire process in multiple parts and once we convert Chico, we can all celebrate as a team. It takes 9 players to post a W and I cannot do this on my own…

Lets make this world a better place with one more baseball fan.