Chicago Cubes Baseball?


No, that isn’t  typo you’re seeing in the header… This is Chicago Cubes baseball.

Cubs fans are pissed and rightly so – but what else is new really?

After a 6-14 start to the season which featured another infuriating loss to the Reds today, what would you expect from Cubs fans? Not only are they some of the most impulsive fans in sports history, they’re also the most hungry for success.

As you’d expect, Cubs fans are taking to social media channels to vent their frustration. In the midst of a season which has featured nothing but limp bats, a brand new meme has grown through twitter crediting all misfortunes that the Cubs may encounter as “Cubes baseball” using hashtags to spread the message throughout the twitterverse.

Frankly, it’s hilarious if you ask me.

Since then, this logo has been spotted floating around as well. I have no idea who is the original creator of this logo is, but they certainly are a creative little bugger.

Regardless, the Cubes seem to be finding ways to lose in extraordinary fashion, where as the regular “Cubs” team has no issue with squeaking out wins, no matter how scarce they may be. The Cubes do things like bunt on 2-0 counts, can’t hit with RISP, and have Anthony Rizzo going 0 for 6 with what feels like 1000 Ks in a single game.

Sure, it’s frustrating to watch, but there are some bright spots for the Cubs this year. The starting rotation has been impressive as all hell and newcomer Nate Schierholtz seems to have no issue generating offence while still providing solid defense in the outfield.

Much like Jekyll and Hyde, you’re never sure if you’re going to see the Cubs or the Cubes every time you turn on the game. It’s not time to give up on the team just yet, but they know that their season is in jeopardy should the Cubes continue to take the field.

Go ahead and check out some of the tweets from the #Cubes hashtag if you get the chance. Most are a good laugh and totally worth the time.