Former Cub Zambrano in the House?


For many Cubs fans and Cubbies Crib readers, Carlos Zambrano was out of sight, out of mind after he was dumped to the Marlins last offseason. The former Cubs starting pitcher helped that cause by being a bust with Miami, including a demotion to the bullpen as the season went on. His presence as a free agent this off season was just as quiet, with very little interest rumored across MLB.

Zambrano is still currently a free agent and he caused quite a stir on the Internet when it was reported that he had showed up to Wrigley Field Wednesday. While no comments were heard out of the mouths of Theo Epstein or Jed Hoyer, according to the Chicago Tribune, a Cubs source confirmed that the team had zero interest in bringing back the volatile pitcher. “Rumors are rumors,” was all manager Dale Sveum contributed to the situation. Apparently Zambrano had dropped in to visit his former buddies, including crossing over to the Rangers clubhouse to catch up with his ex catcher Geo Soto.

July 17, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Carlos Zambrano (38) talks with the media before the game against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you worried about Big Z figuratively blowing up Wrigley Field again ahead of the planned renovations, there is no way this front office welcomes back the cancer that they ate nearly $18 million to send packing to the more fitting circus that was the multi team colored Marlins. The last thing a young ballclub that has shown some fight channeled on the field of play so far this season does not need the infighting that Zambrano would bring. Players that have received Big Z’s verbal, if not physical, attacks in the past, such as Carlos Marmol, still remain on the roster, while the new culture youth the front office is trying to develop would be crushed by the rotund righty’s anger issues.

Yes, the Cubs bullpen has gotten so bad that they have brought back 2009 closer failure Kevin Gregg and waiver wire scrap Kameron Loe, but even if Zambrano could play for free the Cubs would not touch that ticking time bomb. There was some talk on the Internet that Zambrano should be tried out in the closer’s role. We need to squash that desire right now. If you really have that much fond memories of Zambrano, just pop in a recording of his no hitter from 2008 and get rid of your itch that way. The Cubs need to move forward towards their 2015 World Series goal and not take a step back to the failures of the past regime.